Micro Electric Grinder

Made in Japan


High performance micro grinder

Professional accuracy grinding and machining within your hands

Widely Use by Professional Jewelers

Complete with performance that professional user requires

Surprising low-cost hard motor is now within your reach

  1. Compact light weight, quiet , and low heat (separate power source)
  2. Durability (continuous usage)
  3. Easy tool change by one touch (no wrench needed) can greatly improve work efficiency
  4. Durable feet back circuit
  5. High precision concentricity rotationclamping system
  6. No grease necessary which increase work productivity
  7. Complete after-sales service, fast and low-cost (with 1-year warranty)
Power supply (Controller)

Input AC230 50/60 Hz

Output DC3-30V

Packaging Details

Dimension 112W x 160D x 96H

Weight 2.3 kg

Hand Motor Type TP Standard Set = Power Source + Hand Piece +  Rubber Mat and Foot Switch

Note: Both tools with 2.35 mm diameter and 3 mm diameter can be used