Finest quality

Spring Wax

Spring Wax’s formulations and colors are developed particularly for the tropical countries with the ideal balance of  demand by most designers and casters. We offer broad variety of colors, quality levels, and prices to meet customers’ specific requirements

characteristics of Spring Wax

Injection wax, fine-quality “Spring Wax”
Our injection wax has been popular with jeweler manufacturers since 1992. It is known among the jeweler manufacturers as “Spring Wax” and the most popular color is

Jade Green

Spring Wax offers a broad variety of colors, quality levels and prices to meet individual customers’ specific requirements Jeweler manufacturer can use a little spray and powder to produce a good surface which is not brittle. The wax piece can also be kept in stock for a long time. Other advantages include high flexibility, low shrinkage, and easy-to-see details

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